The Healthiest Foods for Natural Weight Loss

Weight loss is probably one of the major concerns of most people today. We badly want to lose those extra pounds real quick. And when losing some pounds, people think they need to release a bucket of sweat or even starve themselves to death. But all these efforts and sacrifices sometimes lead nowhere. Actually, losing weight doesn't require too much money as there are many ways to do it naturally. Surprisingly, there are a lot of healthy superfoods for natural weight loss. Superfoods that trim down your waistline naturally

Superfoods That Trim Down Your Waistline Naturally

We have heard a lot about healthy and superfoods and all their amazing benefits, right? Given their high nutrient content, all the vitamins and minerals in them, they will help us get stronger bones, a healthier mind and heart, and a better immune system. But aside from being healthy, these superfoods can also trim down our waistlines and keep us from gaining more weight.

1. Oats

Oats To naturally lose weight, grab a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast. We all know that oats are rich in fiber. Oats are full of resistance carbs, which boost our metabolism fast and burn fat easily. Oats also have a way of keeping our blood sugar levels steady and us happy and energized throughout the day.

2. Broccoli

Broccoli One cup of cooked broccoli actually contains about 54 grams of calories, which makes your broccoli a healthy superfood for natural weight loss. A serving of broccoli also counts less than 30 grams of calories.

3. Brown Rice

Brown rice For those who treat rice as their staple food, another alternative is brown rice. Though it's a low energy-density food, it can still give you a heavy and filling feeling without the calories, of course.

4. Lentils

Lentils Lentils, known as the best meat substitute, is loved by most vegans and vegetarians. Not only is it packed with protein nutrient, it also has satiating fiber that naturally aids one’s weight loss.

5. Bananas

Bananas Given that this is a low energy-superfood, it can help people lose a lot of weight. Bananas also contain fiber and resistant starch, so besides a higher chance of weight loss, they give people stamina.

6. Eggs

Eggs We might have heard of the usual warning to limit our egg intake to just 6 in a week due to the risk of higher cholesterol they bring. But studies show that the cholesterol in eggs is mostly good cholesterol. Actually, eggs are considered to be the best breakfast meal for weight loss. You could eat as many as 30 eggs per week.

7. Mushrooms

Mushrooms What flavorful meals you have when there are mushrooms in them. Mushrooms don't only add a great taste for your meals, they also have a tremendous amount of nutrients. If you love pizza and you worry about gaining weight, then try the mushroom pizza! Mushrooms are low in fat and sodium and could replace your beef, giving you a greater chance of losing weight.

8. Red Hot Chili Peppers

Red hot chili peppers Amazingly, hot chili peppers can spice up your weight loss because of the capsaicin in them. Capsaicin does not only heat up your chili peppers,  it can also reduce the chances of obesity by stimulating energy-burning and turning white fat to brown fat.

What Resists Weight Loss?

The question is, "I've been working out, eating clean, and even taking diet pills. But why am I still not losing weight?" Most of us working so hard to burn those extra pounds may be so frustrated abotu why we see just a minimal effect, or none at all, on the weighing scales. Discouraged, we end up on the couch all day long. Our bodies may be experiencing systemic imbalances which lead to weight loss resistance. A systemic imbalance is when you experience dysfunctionalities in your body systems. Because of this, your body is unable to make the right choice for every nutrient your body gets.

What Could Be the Common Systemic Imbalances of Our Bodies?

Hormonal Imbalance

This imbalance happens mostly to menopausal women. When you get to the age of 35 and the signs show, then  you might be at risk of gaining too much weight. At this stage, weight loss becomes a challenge. Hormonal imbalance happens when estrogen and progesterone levels begin to fluctuate. Weight loss becomes hard with hormonal imbalance. During this time, estrogen holds on tight to the body’s extra fats in its effort to keep a woman fertile.

Thyroid Imbalance

Unexplained cravings and depressing moments may be caused by a thyroid imbalance. One should not wait for serotonin to mix up with other chemicals, like beta carotene and leptin, because it might distort our eating behavior. Our thyroid hormones are the ones controlling our body's metabolism. Although sometimes, thyroid imbalance may cause us unhealthy weight loss. We may be alarmed when our weight suddenly drops with more than 10 pounds in just a day as weight loss is one of the symptoms of this imbalance.

Adrenal Imbalance

Have you been stress eating lately? Be careful! Eating is not a healthy choice to deal with stress. When we become dependent on food during stressful days, we may want to check our adrenal hormones. During adrenal imbalance, our bodies normally hold on to our calories, leading us to gain more weight when stressed.

Balancing the Imbalances for Effective Weight Loss

When all the things run smoothly, all the other things work out well. Our bodies are like that. We need to do something to aid our  vulnerable systems.

What Do We Need to Do?

Know What You Need

How will you be able to know what to balance if you do not even know and understand your imbalance? In this sense, knowledge is crucial. The best way to do this is to consult a doctor or a nutritionist. Others rely on some online tests which may somehow help, especially if it's from trusted sites, but again, it's always best to get a second opinion from professionals.

Eat Well, Eat Clean

Eat well, eat clean NEVER deprive yourself of food. Weight loss in not about eating less and exercising vigorously. Eating well and eating clean means getting a balanced diet, with all the raw foods - if not, foods still rich in nutrients. It doesn't matter if you eat more than 5x a day just as long as you know that you intake more colorful foods, like greens and fruits. You can also feast on foods which are rich in omega 3 fatty acids, like salmon. NEVER skip breakfast because it is, so far, the most important meal of the day as it serves as a spark to jumpstart your long day.

Exercise More

One way to boost up your metabolism, aside from eating healthy superfoods, is to exercise regularly, DO NOT push yourself too hard. Exercise moderately, a little cardio will do or you can even do what you love to do, like play with your kids, siblings, or friends. You might also consider going to a yoga class or shaking your booty with Zumba, a lot of videos are available on the internet now.

Sleep Is Not for the Weak; It's for You

Who says sleep is for the weak? Sleep is for those people who care - about their health and weight. Sleep, especially good long sleep, about 6 to 8 hours affects the body in a positive way. Sleep can heal the stresses of yesterday, thus becoming a remedy to one's adrenal imbalance.    

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