Home Remedies for Menstrual Cramps

Every month, women are either grateful or hateful for one reason—their monthly period. And though it’s a normal function of their bodies, to most women, it also has a negative consequences in the form of menstrual cramps. Menstrual cramps or dysmenorrhea happens when a woman’s uterus contracts to expel its linings. Often, it happens within the first three days of her period. But for some, these cramps occur days before the actual period. When this happens, women opt to lie in their beds and cry in pain, which can often be agonizing. Some women don’t even want to move or to be touched!  Sometimes, women depend on painkillers as a remedy for these cramps, but there are ways to actually ease this pain naturally.

Beating Menstrual Cramps with These Tricks


Although most women might object, getting some exercise is one way to ease these cramps. Any physical activity done by women, like brisk walking or even stretching, can actually improve circulation and help release more endorphins.   These endorphins counteract the prostaglandins, the hormone-like substance responsible for uterus contractions, resulting in a relief of pain. Regular exercises can help you do away with menstrual cramps.

Beating Cramps with Heat

One of the easiest way to beat cramps is heat applied to the painful areas of your body. Heat relaxes your contracted muscles, thus relieving the pain. In a study, women were asked to use heat plus ibuprofen, heat alone, and ibuprofen alone. Results show that women who used heat alone experienced quicker relief. For this, women should put the heat pads on their abdomen and lower back. Any woman can get these heat pads over the counter of some leading drugstores. Another easy alternative is to just curl up with a hot water bottle. In some cases, you can opt to use small towels by soaking them in water and heating them up in the microwave for a minute.

Drink Water!

There's no better cure than water. That's why there's water therapy, the best and most natural way to cure your pain. During your menstruation, drinking water can prevent your body from retaining water, thus doing away with a bloated belly. Just as effective as heat pads is drinking hot or warm water when you have dysmenorrhea. This is because hot liquids help regulate your blood flow. Aside from drinking water, you can also ease the pain by eating water-based foods like watermelon, celery, lettuce, and a lot more.

A Gentle Touch

An abdominal massage can bring comfort to your contracted muscles. You can simply do this by yourself while standing, sitting, or lying down. Massaging your abdomen can improve the flow of blood. All you have to do is grab your favorite massage oil and give it a go. Olive oil is the best option. Then, start making small circles on your lower abdomen for 5-10 minutes. Be sure to take short breaths that will give you further relaxation. Do this as often as you want until your period is over. A Gentle touch


While you're on your period, it is best that you reduce your caffeine intake as it triggers cramping by water retention. But the good news is you can always resort to drinking tea, which has tea-rrific (pardon the pun) pain-soothing powers. There are different types of teas to choose from:
  • Green tea, which helps with cramps.
  • Peppermint tea, which soothes an upset stomach.
  • Chamomile tea, which has a high level of hippurate, a natural anti-inflammatory substance that helps ease pain during your period.


Sleep Tight

Getting enough sleep of about 6 to 8 hours is easier said than done. Most girls, especially those who experience sleep interruptions, are more prone to PMS and stomach cramps. Sleeping or simply taking a good rest is the best thing to do to relieve your period pain. Having a good rest will actually give your muscles enough time to stretch. This also lowers chances of contractions that will result in menstrual cramps. Other remedies include taking supplements, acupuncture, taking contraceptives, and a lot more. But these things in the list are the simplest and most natural ways to cure your period pains. They are doable and do not require spending too much money.

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