How Nutritious Meal Combos Can Improve Your Mental Agility

Life is fun until the stress catches up to you. When you are overwhelmed by stress, you can be left feeling unfocused. There could be too much on your mind. There are ways to improve your mental agility. Your diet can play a big role in keeping your mind sharp, so it is important to learn how to create the perfect meal combinations.

To have a sharp mind, nutritionists would advise you to eat right and eat clean. Having good eating habits will not only give you a good body, it will boost your brain power. A nutritionally balanced meal can give you the essential nutrients required to make your body run at the optimal level.

These essential nutrients are a simple mix. You need to make sure you have an ample amount of carbohydrates, fats, protein, vitamins, and minerals. If don't know what to put on your plate, you can check this list of the powerhouses of nutrients.

Whats a perfect meal?

A nutritious combo means getting a balance of all your essential nutrients. For starters, this is the common 25-50-25 diet or your 25% of starchy carbs, 50% of fruits and vegetables and 25% of protein. Including this mantra in your daily plate is a way of pursuing a long-term healthy eating habit. It is healthier than the usual suggestions of cutting from this-and-that kind of nutrient. Why you need to get all these essentials in one plate has a simple answer - to be healthy. But studies show that coming up with the right meal leads to a better and improved cognitive capabilities. For students, being able to choose the perfect meal means you can keep up with your professor's discussion and you can even impress him with your witty answers.


carbohydrates This nutrient plays an important part of your healthy diet as it is your main source of energy. Research says that Carbs from whole grains are healthier sources than refined carbs found in your white bread, biscuits, and wheat flour. In addition, your whole grains contain more fiber. Thus, aiding in weight loss too.


proteins Dr. Shikha Sharma says, you should have about 30-35 percent of protein in your diet as this is the main component of your body's cells, including your hair, skin, and soft tissues. Through digestion of proteins, your body burns more calories than the usual amount burned when your body is digesting carbs. For your protein, you can choose between your salmon, nuts, and lean meats. Eating eggs regularly also helps in boosting your memory. Try this healthy breakfast boost egg muffin cups recipe.


Fats Fats, the healthier ones, should also be part of your diet as these can provide you with energy, store your vitamins and synthesize your hormones. All three kinds of these fats - polyunsaturated, monounsaturated and especially omega-3 fatty acids must have its space on your daily plate.

Vitamins and Minerals

vitamins-and-minerals For everyone, it is recommended that you should take five servings of food in a day along with your daily green serving. This is to ensure that your body can have the vitamins and minerals in needs. These micronutrients support your metabolism, nerve and muscle function, bone maintenance and cell production.

Your meal and your mind

Your meal and your mind You might have heard your old man say how skipping breakfast won't help especially with your performance in school. With this, learning how your meal choices can affect your brain positively may not be new to you. There's a little truth to that as a healthy diet helps big in keeping a good blood flow in your brain. There's a little truth to that as a healthy diet helps big in keeping a good blood flow in your brain. In a study, food is compared to a pharmaceutical compound that affects the brain. With a healthy diet and sound sleep, you may alter your brain's function to an enhanced and stronger one. And it may only get better when you do this along with a regular physical activity. In another study by Dr. Fernando Gómez-Pinilla, children who had more omega-3 fatty acid performed better in school, both in reading and in spelling, and had fewer behavioral problems. Aside from boosting your mental agility, eating the right kinds of foods helps in reducing the chances of declined memory. This was proven in a study of older people who had lower BMI and are less likely to smoke. For two to five years, they were asked to munch on a cleaner diet - one that has the essential nutrients one needs. After years of observing them, 24 percent of them has shown a positive response which helps conclude the better effect of choosing the perfect meal over anything else.

The Mediterranean Diet

mediterranean-diet Some research failed to show a great effect of high dosages from your individual neuroprotective nutrients. But by feeding on a Mediterranean diet which combines all of these nutrients, you can get a boost for your memory.this Mediterranean diet or MedDiet is rich in plant foods such as your leafy greens, fruits, veggies, nuts, and fish with a slight amount of dairy and red meat, Having your essentials in a bowl, this Mediterranean diet or MedDiet has topped the list of healthy meal choices. Regardless of coining it as a Meditteranean food, it's cognitive benefits can reach any person around the world. In a study, MedDiet can lower modifiable risk factors of mental problems. As stated, "these include reducing inflammatory responses, increasing micronutrients, improving vitamin and mineral imbalances, changing lipid profiles by using olive oils as the main source of dietary fats, maintaining weight and potentially reducing obesity, improving polyphenols in the blood, improving cellular energy metabolism and maybe changing the gut microbiota, although this has not been examined to a larger extent yet." And again, this would best help those who of the older ages. But younger ones, especially students can also have this expecting the same benefit. In addition, MedDiet is known to be a powerful tool that can increase the quality of life, giving you a healthier mind and body.    

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