How to Get Rid of a Bloated Stomach

Isn’t it weird to feel so full even if you haven’t eaten anything the entire day? That's called having a bloated stomach. This feeling of having gained twice your weight is what many people, girls especially, find annoying. Bloating causes different unpleasant sensations, like heavy hands and feet as well as acid reflux. It also causes abdominal pain, which makes it a health issue. Temporary bloating is considered normal. If bloating becomes more frequent, then you will need to see a doctor as soon as possible.

Why Am I Having a Bloated Stomach?

There are many reasons why you may experience bloating. When you feel that you have a bloated belly, don’t go crazy thinking you’re pregnant (especially if you’re a boy!). Try to recall what you did and know that your bloated stomach is actually caused by one of these three reasons:

Red Days Are Coming!

Yes, bloating is normal for girls because of their hormonal fluctuations. This causes digestive issues such as excess gas, which either makes you feel full or gets you burping and even causes constipation. Expect two weeks before or even during your menstruation to get this bloated belly because of slower bowel movement.

Too Little, Too Much (Water Retention)

So you see, some people drink more than eight glasses of water a day and still feel normal. But in your case, you’ve had only 2 glasses, yet you feel as if your tummy is about to burst! This is because of water retention. Drinking water does not only keep you hydrated. It also wipes out toxins and impurities from your body. Shrink the Chunks (Indigestion) When I say shrink the chunks, I mean to not eat too much or too quickly. This is because big chunks of food disturbs your digestive tract. Indigestion is one of the common causes of bloating, so you’d better chew those meals carefully.

How to Get Rid of a Bloated Stomach?

No Bubble Gum!

We may hear how bubble gum tricks our bellies and prevents us from getting hungry. But did you know that artificial sweeteners, like sorbitol, that some sugar-free bubble gum have are one of the reasons for bloating? When we chew gum and try to blow bubbles, we inhale more air, which accumulates in the form of gasses in our bellies.

Eat Slowly Than Be Sorry

Eating really quickly lets you swallow more air. Plus, you are not able to chew your food well (indigestion). When you eat, chew with your mouth closed. This way, there’s no entrance for uninvited air. Also, drink from a glass instead of using straws, which also brings unwanted air into your stomach. How do I get rid of this bloated stomach?

Snack Hack: Protein Bars

One of the best snacks for someone on a diet are protein bars. But be cautious! Not all protein bars are good for everyone, especially for those who have high lactose intolerance. These protein bars are rich in whey protein concentrate or milk protein. These give people with lactose intolerance higher chances of bloating. Some protein bars are also hard to digest because of the beans in them. Beans also induce the formation of gas. Although some people can still enjoy this snack at a higher price without the risk of bloating, look for protein bars that contain more pure protein and less milk.Snack hack: Protein bars

Drop the Soda

Preventing bloated stomachs requires sacrifice, and one of the hardest things to give up is actually the worst cause of bloating. Painful as it is, to do away with bloating, you badly need to cut your soda intake. Sodas have carbon dioxide bubbles that cause bloating when they get in your intestines. They also contain a high amount of artificial sweeteners, especially in diet sodas. IN addition to giving up soda, you also have to give up beer and champagne. Drop the Soda

The Belly Massage

When you’re feeling bloated, try to apply pressure to your belly. Give it an abdominal massage. The Belly massage

Have a Cup of Tea

With their calming effect, teas are best for rumbling tummies. To cure bloating, we suggest that you drink a cup of mint tea. The menthol oil contained in this tea helps alleviate spasms in your muscle tissues. This way, mint tea frees your muscles, enabling gasses to be smoothly released from your body.Have a cup of tea

Water, Always the Savior

Do you remember water retention? Drinking enough water is one way to prevent a bloated stomach. Water prevents constipation, which is one of the main causes for bloating. Let your body release fluids to lessen the risk of bloating, especially after meals. However, do not chill your drinks or drink too much cold water during meals. This could freeze the digestion process and dilute digestive enzymes.

Keep on Moving

Your body fluids are moving in your body, whether or not you are moving. Ease their flow by taking at least 30 minutes to do physical activity each day. One good reason to do exercise is that it stimulates bowel movement. If moving is hard for you because your work requires you to sit all day, make sure to take quick walks around the office or do some light leg exercise. There is never really an instant cure to bloated stomach, but there are many ways for you to prevent it. There are also remedies that could ease your discomfort. Next time you feel bloated, try the tips given in this post.

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