Life Essentials Superfood Drink
Life Essentials Superfood Drink
Life Essentials Superfood Drink
Life Essentials Superfood Drink

Life Essentials Superfood Drink

38 reviews

Life Essentials provides you with EVERYTHING YOU NEED to be vibrant healthy and energetic… every single day. All in one glass of our tasty organic drink.

  • 14 high-impact all-natural ingredients for the complete superfood profile
  • Antioxidants equivalent to 2 servings of vegetables to promote anti-aging processes
  • Probiotics and enzymes for optimal digestive function
  • Chlorophyll to support detoxification
  • Outstanding taste
  • 100% USDA Organic, Non-GMO, and Gluten-free

100% Money-Back Guarantee Hassle-Free - No questions asked, No forms to fill

Life Essentials provides you with EVERYTHING YOU NEED to be vibrant healthy and energetic … every single day!

Just imagine how vital and energetic you will feel starting your day with the best superfoods mother nature has to offer.

Simply add a single scoop of LIFE ESSENTIALS to your morning smoothie, water, or juice to enjoy its miraculous benefits throughout the entire day.

When taking the first sip you’d be surprised that this tasty green drink is actually supercharging your body with thousands of micronutrients that will help you perform at your best.

14 of the Worlds Most Potent Superfoods in One Glass of Delicious Juice

  • Wheatgrass


    Great for keeping your pH levels balanced, detoxifying cells, and increasing red blood cell production, which efficiently improves circulation to boost energy levels.

  • Spinach


    Due to its high vitamin K content, it helps build a strong skeletal system and decreases the risk of bone fractures. It can also help protect the skin from the sun’s UV rays.

  • Alfalfa


    Excellent for helping to lower the risk of heart disease due to high cholesterol by lowering blood lipid levels. Also packed with vitamin K, which is great for absorption of calcium.

  • Parsley


    Excellent for helping reduce inflammation, oxidative stress, and kidney stones. It also tackles bad breath, fights free radicals, and boosts the immune system.

  • Barley Grass


    Strengthens the immune system, regenerates damaged cells (and tissues), and relieves ulcerative colitis. Plus, its B vitamins may help reduce the risk of blood clots and strokes.

  • Green Tea


    Known to improve heart functions and lower the risk of heart disease, it’s also a healthy and effective option to losing weight. Plus, it’s the right dose of caffeine for energy.

  • Chlorella


    High in chlorophyll and phytonutrients, chlorella helps protect against ultraviolet radiation and radioactive particles while stimulating healthy hair growth.

  • Gum Acacia


    Capable of protecting the body against inflammation and colon cancer, while its rich fiber content helps eliminate constipation, high cholesterol, and plaque in the arteries.

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38 reviews

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Quenia D.
United States United States
Great addition to my breakfast

I stopped drinking and right the way I gained 6 pounds. It really helps keep leaner

Stacey M.
United States United States
Life essentials

Would order again

Kim F.
Irvine, CA
Life Essentials 30 minutes before going to yoga

I use Life Essentials 30 minutes before going to yoga or gym and it definitely increases my energy. The taste is also amazing, unlike other similar green supplements that I've tried before Kim Farrace

Jenny D.
Los Angeles, CA
I found life essentials

I found life essentials and I get everything that I need right in here it doesn't upset my stomach. I'm also gluten free and so is Life Essentials Jenny D

Samantha B.
Atlanta, GA
Vegetables and I don’t mix

I’ll admit, vegetables and I don’t mix. So when my friend had me try this juice, I was very skeptical. Its nasty green color made it even less appealing! But when I took my first sip, it actually wasn’t all that bad (and this is saying a lot from someone who absolutely hates veggies!). I wouldn’t mind drinking this every day if it means getting my vegetables without actually eating the vegetables.

Terrence J.
Big fan of Life Essentials

I'm a big fan of Life Essentials. I just started taking it in the last couple month. Since I starting taking it I have a ton more energy all day long and I feel well-balanced and highly recommended. Terrence J.